Dutch’s Daughter to Match Donations in March

Dutch’s Daughter and owner, Eileen Gideon, are pleased to announce that for the month of March 2022, they will match up to $20,000 in donations made to the following local charities:

  1. Happy Hounds Prison Program in Hagerstown, MD. Happy Hounds provides positive reinforcement and behavior modification for dogs at risk of homelessness or euthanasia while providing the skills necessary for the inmate dog handlers to successfully train the dogs in their care. The inmates will be able to use these skills towards successful employment after their incarceration is completed.  hhpdp.org


  1. Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue in Frederick, MD. Lonely Hearts rescues, fosters, and finds caring adoptive homes for neglected dogs where they may thrive. LHAR.dog


  1. The Foxie G Foundation in Union Bridge, MD. Foxie G’s mission is to create a brighter future for horses and cats in need, and to strengthen the communities in which they live. thefoxiegfoundation.org

When you donate to any of the above local charities during the month of March 2022, just mention Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant to participate in the donation match!  Learn more about this exciting program in our press release.