U2SA Changing Focus

U2SA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that was created in 2012 to reduce the number of homeless, unwanted pets in our community.  Through a rigorous spay and neuter program, we have been highly successful in our mission. Over the past two years, the need for these services is not as necessary as it once was due to the increase in low to no-cost spay and neuter programs in our area. In addition, it has become more difficult for us to find veterinarians which will partner with us as their practices change or become busier. Our quest to help animals has never waned and we are now working to help other animal nonprofits with their programs.  

We are currently providing support for the following animal rescues in our area:

  1. Happy Hounds Prison Program in Hagerstown, MD. Happy Hounds provides scientifically based positive reinforcement and behavior modification for dogs at risk of homelessness or euthanasia.  In addition, they provide the skills necessary for the inmate dog handlers to successfully train the dogs in their care and to then be able to use these skills towards successful employment after their incarceration is completed.
  2. Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue in Frederick, MD. Lonely Hearts’ mission is to reduce the number of abused and abandoned dogs by working with state-sponsored shelters and shelter organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. They rescue, foster, and find caring adoptive homes for these neglected dogs where they may thrive and grow into loving companion animals.   
  3. The Foxie G Foundation in Union Bridge, M Foxie G offers rescue, rehabilitation, adoption services, and, if necessary, permanent retirement for retired Thoroughbred racehorses and broodmares that often do not have any other option.  Many horses come to them from the slaughter pipeline or neglect situations.  Some are donated by their past caring owner or trainer.  Regardless of how they arrive, all are in need of help and protection.  Foxie G’s sanctuary program offers a healthy environment for those magnificent equine athletes that are not candidates for adoption due to physical injury, emotional distress, or a variety of other issues.  Some of their sanctuary horses are now serving deserving members of our community, such as veterans and first responders, through ground-based, equine-assisted therapy.  Foxie G also manages 11 feral or nonsocialized cat colonies throughout the area. These cats would perish from starvation or disease without the care given by Foxie G’s volunteers.  They also help other animals facing an uncertain future such as donkeys, a goat, and a pot-bellied pig.  

Our restaurant, Dutch’s Daughter, will be featuring the above nonprofits in our foyer and will be providing them with fundraising support throughout the year.  We would like to ask that you join us in making Happy Hounds Prison Program, Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue, or The Foxie G Foundation a recipient of your generosity as well so that they may continue their lifesaving work for animals in need.